Social Media Investigations

CSI Secure Solutions providers in depth social media reports by using digital footprint data. These reports include subject profiles, blog posts, comments, phone numbers, addresses, court records, family members, usernames, web sightings, pictures, screenshots, timestamps, and aliases used by the subject.

Most of our raw data (family/relatives, phone numbers, addresses, locations) comes from a variety of sources such as dark web directories, census data, public mailing, court records, and phone directories.

CSI Secure Solutions researches numerous websites, ranging from social media sites to blogs to picture sharing websites. The information CSI is able to find is unlike any other available report in the industry. Additionally, all our reports always include the the top 10 most popular SM networks (including those like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) along with an in-depth Google search. We can add other networks when needed, but most dating sites are quite difficult since they often require subscriptions. CSI will also provide and generate a timestamp, screenshot of each site identified and capture the sites IP, and extract the basic meta data found that CSI Secure Solutions identifies during its Social Media Investigation. It is highly recommended to purchase the background report in conjunction with the social media in order to uncover additional email addresses. It is imperative when conducting a comprehensive background report to include social media as so much public record information is also included that may very well not be picked up in the background investigations report especially when it involves any type of criminal ,civil or insurance fraud investigations.

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