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Corporate Investigations and Areas which are Outsourced to Outside

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April 21, 2020
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April 27, 2020
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Corporate Investigations and Areas which are Outsourced to Outside

Private Investigation Companies Such as Theft or Fraud

Corporate Investigation

According to a global study conducted on fraud by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in 2014, organizations suffered an average loss of 5% in revenue every year. This culminated to more than $3.7 trillion in losses globally. As a result of this, companies are looking to corporate investigators to provide solutions to corporate fraud and theft, which can be a very complex crime, which requires a high degree of investigative knowledge and experience to ensure that pieces of evidence are adequately collected and handled correctly. If certain aspects of your company’s businesses and operations, especially in the financial department, do not just seem to add up, then it might be necessary to high the services of a corporate investigator to unravel such mysteries.

What is Corporate Investigation?

A corporate investigation is an extensive assessment carried out by a private investigator to help companies and institutions become more protected. The protection may cover compromised customer information, possible damaged reputation, misuse/abuse of your business network, or any liability that may arise if your company network has been breached and used to perpetrate an attack on other systems. The services of corporate investigators are essential to the survival of many businesses, as their investigations cover a wide range of company operations.

How does corporate investigation work?

Business investigations may vary depending on the type of investigation you want, what you wish to investigate, and the individual charged to conduct the process. It is critical to the outcome of the investigation that you are specific about the information you are seeking or what you want to be addressed.

Some companies have an internal arrangement that helps them deal with such cases, but in most cases, businesses outsource their investigation to private investigators or companies with the required expertise. Some of the services offered by private investigators for companies include integrity testing, computer forensics, countermeasure sweeps, financial investigation, surveillance, due diligence, and security breach checks.

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