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Child Custody and Child Support

Cheating Spouse Investigations-The Beat Goes On
June 16, 2014
Child Custody and Child Support Investigations
June 19, 2014
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Child Custody and Child Support

Child Custody and Support cases are fast in becoming a daily request of our Company with each story becoming more difficult and painful for the clients that I speak to. There is always a struggle between two parties with one accusing the other of some type of negligience surrounded by child endangerment issues ,or not following the order of the court such as not picking up or delivering the child(ren) as agreed upon or using the child as the communicator  between both parties. At the end of the day thats what the children usually become is generally a, “hostage”s between two feuding Parents. Either party is usually never innocent trying to get back at the other through the child wether with purpose , intent or not. Child support issues are also commonplace sometimes separate an apart from the “hostage taking” scenarios but again somehow the child is once again dragged  through these feuding parties. In this case usually the father the “power of support”is the one that is wielding control and power by being either being untimely with the agreed upon support payments schedule which is to benefit the child not the Parent or not paying at all.What I find interesting and at the same time disturbing is that there are formulas that are created and in place based on both parents earnings and the Judge/Mediator sets the Custody Payment schedule based on all documented supporting facts. Ultimately it is the fathers obligation to pay the Child Support based on the agreed upon schedule with no excuses and now a days more and more states are cracking down on those parents that are failing to meet these agreed upon obligations. Yes there are extenuating circumstances such as when a parent gets laid off,or is injured on the job but they too have recourse through the judicial system to request some type of relief. Is it always fair, of course not but is it fair that a child an innocent party in this family feud not receive all of the benefits that she/he once received when the parents and children were functioning and together as one complete unit ? As a Family owned business we enjoy being able to help those Parents that are confronted with these custodial and child support issues but we too can be pained by these types of investigations that cross are desk on a daily basis.

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