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When an employer, claimant, or a health care provider knowingly lies to defraud workers and acquire money, savings, or other benefits, it is referred to as workers compensations Investigations. Many people think that worker compensation fraud occurs when employees make false claims, lie, or exaggerate their injuries, but, in essence, workers’ compensation fraud can be committed by both workers and employers.


Employees can commit a fraud delay in reporting injuries, reporting an injury that has no witnesses, reporting injury while off work, delay in seeking medical assistance, filing multiple claims, or report an injury at the time of termination. Conversely, employers commit fraud when they deny valid claims, intentional refusal to buy an insurance policy for their employees, issues disability check late, issuing ghost policies and more. All these frauds can be brought to light with workers compensation investigations Fort Lauderdale & Miami. CSE Secure Solutions has immense experience and a team of highly qualified and professional investigators who can carry out detailed workers compensation investigations in Miami and help employees get their valid claims.

If you are suspicious of your employer, employee, or health care provider of committing a fraud, you need to hire workers compensation investigators who can go to the depth of the matter and unearth the fraud supported with documents and evidence.

While carrying out this workers compensation investigation in South Florida, our investigators use several techniques that help uncover such frauds. The first technique that they adopt is surveillance where they use video, audio, and other surveillance types to find if the worker was injured as claimed by him.

The Workers Compensation Investigations in Fort Lauderdale also includes interviews and research where investigators may interview family, friends, colleagues, and other people who can shed light on the issue of fraud. They also carry out records research and background checks where they check out employment records, medical records, and other records. They may run a background check to see if the employer or employee has a history of committing such frauds. If a lot of compensation claims have been filed or the employer has a history of classifying workers, it can give a lead in the investigations.

CSI Secure Solutions help in these investigations and help people in uncovering fraud issues so that they can make the right claims and get compensated for the same.

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