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Workers Compensation Investigations in South Florida

Workers Compensation Investigations - CSI-Secure Solutions INSURANCE INVESTIGATORS are comprised of qualified experts with extensive experience uncovering fraud and delivering tangible results to the Special Investigative Units ,Legal Depts. Insurance Companies, Attorneys and Corporations whom have retained our services. Our investigators have the ability to solve complex fraud investigations and our primary focus is detecting and preventing any type of in workers compensation investigations in South Florida. Our Investigators are EXPERTS in delivering evidentiary film on subject’s proving deception regarding the extent of injuries claimant is reporting . Types of insurance cases handled include:

  • Work History Investigations: Are the claimants alleging they cannot work ? CSI-Secure Solutions investigators will disclose any current or previous work history that the claimant or plaintiff may be trying to hide this alternative which saves not only surveillance time but money not needed to be spent over the course of the investigation
    • Corporate Investigations: is your claimant involved in an unreported BUSINESS venture ? Our private investigators will not only find the BUSINESS and location, but also provide the evidence you need. If it’s a cash business, our private investigators will show you how to prove how much the business is making by disclosing financial information
    • Recorded/Taped Statement:
    • <Workers Compensation Investigations
    • Additional Investigations include:  Comprehensive Background History, Neighbor Search, Civil and Criminal Records history, Financial information including accounts not being reported, Public Records history & Previous Workers Comp Claims and reported Personal Injuries.