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Kathryn H

Bruno P
August 23, 2016
Rashida P
September 9, 2016
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Kathryn H

“I hired Chris at a very stressful and emotional time. He handled me with care, consideration and looked at the big picture-what I needed from him to be able to move forward. I find myself in a situation, like many, in need of information to help with divorce. Chris was consistent, persistent, (it wasn’t easy for him to obtain the information, but he was very determined-looked out for me), and professional and got me the information I set out to obtain, in a short amount of time. I would hire Chris again for sure. He is not only good at what he does but genuinely cares about his clients and wants to deliver what they need. I will always appreciate his kindness and know if I need more information in the future that he will surely deliver. Thanks Chris!”

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