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Comprehensive Background Report

In depth Background Report going into 12 different areas of a subjects Background including but not limited to Criminal History,Civil Litigation,Bankruptcy’s, Professional Licenese,Known Associates,Address Information,Hidden Asset’s and E-Mail Accounts

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Missing Persons

85% of our cases are identifed using this report that shows the subjects last known addresses through Utility Bills,Phone Bills and other Public Record Sources.Most individuals are found in the first 24 hours.

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Pre-Marital Check

Do you really know who you are Marrying and is there anything or anyone in the closet that needs to be in the light before you commit?

Let CSI do a in depth Comprehensive Background Investigation on your potential spouse.looking to see if they have a Criminal Background, Deception about their Age,Bankruptcy’s ,Civil Judgements or Liens that you could be affected by once married, Hidden Financial Assets that your not aware of ,Education Verification is where most people exaggerate or lie and we will also include 8 Hours of Surveillance on the spouses to be to see who they are with when they are not with you?

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Child Custody,Support and Recovery

Child Custody cases are one of the most sensitive areas that CSI-Secure child custody Solutions works on a daily basis. Most

cases involve one parents concern of the welfare, safety and possible child endangerment issues. Our Team is usually requested to prove one parent’s negligence while in their custody which is usually proven by observation and written documentation supported by Video and Digital Film evidence.

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Infidelity Investigations

Each Infidelity that is brought our firm is handled with the utmost care and respect to those that we serve. Depending on the goals of each case, which are discussed with the client, beforehand the outcomes can all be different with the exception of getting the proof that the spouse/partner needs to prove infidelity. The majority of the time the spouses suspicions are correct and our agency either gets on film the actual “cheating spouse “with their paramour either meeting in a parking lot after work, Bar, Restaurant, a secret meeting place or even away on a Business trip.

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