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Restaurant Industry Profits Continue to be Challenged by Employee Theft and Drugs in Workplace

Welfare and Life Safety Checks Offered by this Private Investigator
August 24, 2015
December 8, 2015
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Having spent several years mentoring to a young college student in developing a health food chain, I realized very quickly that theft was a daily battle in our Business. My experience actually started some 45 years ago where one summer in high school I had the opportunity to work in a very exclusive Yacht Club where the dining room was the second biggest draw other than sailing. Interestingly enough I learned every aspect of the restaurant business from working as a dishwasher, waiter, bartender, manager and eventually as I mentioned co-owning a Franchise Food Chain. Theft of course is commonplace but controlling what may even be acceptable has its own consequences. Is 3-5% acceptable or even worse the fact that the management does nothing about it other than terminating the employee and rehiring and recycling what could become a much bigger problem?

In the same regard almost every Restaurant owner I have consulted with over the years have mentioned where drugs or alcohol at some point were a factor in their workplace environment whether in the kitchen, the parking lot or around the employees in general. I remember in one of those early jobs I mentioned where the manager spoke to the staff about the seriousness of how dangerous kitchens can be if someone is using drugs or alcohol. Everyone either laughed under their breath or the message was just ineffective. About a week after that speech, a dishwasher who was seemingly okay, not under the influence was working with scalding hot water to clean the dishes. What happened due to his lack of focus and attention was allowing the scalding water to go down into his long protective rubber gloves and he could not react fast enough to get his gloves off and under cold water. This employee was taken to the emergency room and had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on both arms and was scarred for life. He was drug tested at the hospital because the doctor felt that he might be impaired, only to discover he was on barbiturates and drinking heavily before coming into work. Drugs are in our society and are here to stay and as previously mentioned are a common occurrence at Restaurants on a daily basis.

Restaurant owners that we have worked with over the years are finally taking the position that any loss of revenue is unacceptable. So whether it’s cash or credit card theft from the customers, food, alcohol, beverages, silverware, paper goods and other items going out the back door or drugs trading hands on the restaurant property it all greatly impacts the Restaurants bottom line and the atmosphere of the workplace.

At CSI Secure Solutions we are now working to assist owners in combatting theft and drugs in the workplace either thru risk & security assessment surveys, covert technology implementation, undercover operations, Background Screening, Drug Testing and program implementation that stops these issues at the front/back door or before the employee even gets to HR!

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