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PI’s + Attorneys + Domestic Cases =WINNING COMBINATION

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September 11, 2020
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PI’s + Attorneys + Domestic Cases =WINNING COMBINATION

PI’s + Attorneys + Domestic Cases =WINNING COMBINATION

Attorneys usually need the services of PI’s. Private investigators help attorneys in all types of cases. In divorce/child custody cases, the use of a PI is very helpful in tracking assets, evidence of misconduct and most information needed for the case. In a child custody case especially, the investigator examines the child’s well-being. A PI assesses the treatment of a child by the parents in question and presents the findings to the court with a report.

An investigator can help tilt the evidence to your favor. A PI performs investigative functions to gather information to prove the client’s claims. The attorney, saves time by hiring an investigator to use his skills for an effective investigation to gather enough facts to support the case. Therefore he/she needs the service of a seasoned PI who fills up the gap by providing in-depth investigations to root out every hidden fact about the case. For the best attorneys in any type of case but especially a child custody/divorce cases, a professional investigator is a compulsory member of the team.

This makes it necessary and is therefore advised that attorneys use an investigator that specializes in domestic investigations to gather clear and verifiable facts to prove their client’s claims in child custody and divorce cases or any case needed.

Chris Cavallo
Private Investigator

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