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Parent’s Acting Out in Child Custody Cases

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June 29, 2014
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August 17, 2014
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Parent’s Acting Out in Child Custody Cases

As often as I write about Child Custody cases it never get’s easier, either the pain the children go through or the two parties wrestling for control,and there lies the usual focal point.Not what is in the best interest of the child but which parent wants to seize more control as if it was some type of “game of wits”!.The parents,the children and the storyline is always the same. The social dynamics whether wealthy,middle class or poor does not change the outcome unless one side has more money and can afford an attorney and the other side cannot.I have seen in cases like this where the Magistrates or Judges will bend over rightfully so to balance the scales regarding representations of each party but still not knowing the “full history” of the case!

But the real point here for me once again is when one or both parents use the children as described above under false pretenses which is disgraceful and despicable at best. I have unfortunately witnessed this in my own family where the child’s needs an emotional well-being is seemingly secondary only to have one of the parents talking like it is a game.The courts are often times over run with these child custody cases and not fully apprised of the full background of both parties until the day of the hearing when a quick decision is made with so much at stake. In future blogs I will address the supporting service structures such as the Department of Children Service and how they are often times brought into cases under false pretenses by one of the parents trying to make the other parent look negligent and manipulate the custody outcome of the child.This is a very broken system but not just because the resources are limited but also the way the parents fabricate “story’s” about the other parent in order to wrestle control of the child for no reason at all other then to “WIN”!


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