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Infidelity Investigations in Florida

Infidelity Investigations in South Florida - Each Infidelity that is brought our firm is handled with the utmost care and respect to those that we serve. Depending on the goals of each case, which are discussed with the client, beforehand the outcomes can all be different with the exception of getting the proof that the spouse/partner needs to prove infidelity. The majority of the time the spouses suspicions are correct and our agency either gets on film the actual “cheating spouse “with their paramour either meeting in a parking lot after work, Bar, Restaurant, a secret meeting place or even away on a Business trip.


Cheating Girlfriend Investigation - Aside from photographic documentation this agency also provides a professional written report from the time that CSI-Secure Solutions was retained throughout the entire investigative period, producing a final report that often times is used by an ATTORNEY IN Divorce cases including court proceedings and testimony by the investigator in charge of the case. We have both female and male investigators to handle any circumstance or any situation. Contact us for reliable and efficient infidelity investigations in Miami, South Florida and all surrounding areas!

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