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Hiring an Investigator-Cheating Spouses-Infidelity Investigations

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May 27, 2014
Cell Phone Tracking
June 14, 2014
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Hiring an Investigator-Cheating Spouses-Infidelity Investigations

I do not think any Private Investigator working these Infidelity/Cheating Spouse cases can argue that theses cases can be sometimes clouded due to the emotions of the hiring party. Regardless of who the subject is Male or Female each of these cases comes with a lot of hand holding of the client throughout the course of the investigation. I have been asked on several occasions how do I know if my Spouse is cheating?  Because of these questions I decided I would put out on my blog a few questions that you as the client would want to ask yourself and even document prior to hiring an investigator.

1) Write down the problems that you believe your having with your spouse. 

2) Check a social media source such as Facebook,Instagram,Google etc there are no implied endorsements here there are plenty of them out there and see if your spouse shows up anywhere that you do not have prior knowledge. A good Private Investigator specializing in these type of investigations should have specific resource that can do a broad based search coving 50 or more Social Media sources not just the high profile ones that I have mentioned above!

3) Write down where your spouse goes regularly — work, restaurants, the gym, etc. This will help the investigator know where to look.This is a critical point especially if the investigator is either physically following the subject or is using a GPS tracking devise. I cannot tell you how many times that I have followed a subject to an address previously known to the client who turns out to be a family member,friend or associate. A tremendous waste of the investigators time and the clients money!

4) You must also consider the cost of Hiring a reputable Private Investigator-References in infidelity investigations is critically important

5) To find an investigator I would first see if the state you live in has an association for licensed investigators such as CALI in California or FALI(Florida Association of Licensed Investigators) in my home State of Florida.Get the names of 2-3 investigators preferably in your zip code area or no more then 25 miles from where you live. Most investigators will charge for mileage so you do not want to end up paying for mileage outside the area of where the actual investigation will be conducted.Again we are talking about investigations that will require covert surveillance not just on line research which that will be an important part of the investigation on the “cheating spouse” as well.

6) Lastly after interviewing 2-3 Private Investigators and you have compared there offerings,costs and do you feel comfortable with them then you engage them. Most importantly let them do their job and let them give you regular updates and do not always expect a picture of your spouse in a compromising picture,often it does not turn out that way. The information collected through investigative research can be just as telling as an actual picture.Then again as they say “a picture is like a 1000 words”!


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