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CSI Secure Solutions “What’s the Difference” !

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CSI Secure Solutions “What’s the Difference” !

CSI-Secure Solutions What’s the Difference?

When clients/customers come to CSI Secure Solutions, the majority have never used the services of a Private Investigator before so understandably there is a lot of trepidation, especially if the individual or family member is dealing with a Cheating Spouse, Child Custody and Support issue, Criminal Matters or just need to be sure of the Background of an individual or paramour. The same could be said for a Corporate Client who has never used the services of a Private Investigator as well regarding Criminal or Labor workplace issues such as Drugs, Robbery, Theft, Employee Strife, Cyber Crimes or Violation of a Non Compete Agreement. Unlike Individual and Corporate Clients, Attorneys are usually accustomed and familiar with how investigative services work, but they’ve usually gone through two or three investigators ending in dissatisfaction. Usually the Attorney or the Office Manager comes to us from a personnel referral from a colleague who is another satisfied CSI Secure Solutions’ customer!

First and foremost every client is treated with the utmost confidence and respect whether they are a repeat customer or new to CSI. We are a family-owned and operated business, and we engage our customers like they are an extended member of our family at all times. Many of our customers to this day stay in touch with us for various reasons, whether to ask a question or if they have a concern about a recent matter in their lives. Regardless of the situation, they are “FAMILY.” We have always operated our companies and embraced our employees this way, and the employees in turn extend themselves to our customers with this philosophy. The CSI team loves what we do and this attitude is passed through to our customers and delivered in our work performance. More often than not, many more hours are expended in delivering a superior work product than what is actually paid for by the customer.

When I am asked by potential customers, “What is the difference between your company and the other Security and Investigations Companies,” we take this question very seriously and my response is this: “Each customer is treated confidentially, respectfully and honestly, and we always attempt to deliver the most optimum result whether it’s a report, surveillance or in depth investigation. All information is retrieved and delivered in a legal, timely and cost effective manner, and the customer’s satisfaction always exceeds the financial return. Our primary goal is to be known by our customers as the ‘Most Trusted Private Investigators in South Florida.’”

This is the CSI Secure Solutions’ Difference!

Chris Cavallo


CSI Secure Solutions

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