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CSI Secure Solutions Investigating all Types of Insurance Fraud

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May 24, 2016
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July 18, 2016

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CSI-Secure Solutions

Insurance Investigations

Are you looking for a Private Investigation company that will help you carry out insurance investigations in such areas as: claims investigations dealing with liability issues, Worker’s Compensation and Health Insurance Claims, Accident Insurance Claims and other insurance claims such as Wrongfull Death or Fraud?

We have professionals, trained associates and partners who have expertise in insurance investigations and other related claims. We are known for excellent quality delivery, and our reputation speaks volumes of the services we offer. CSI always applies state and local rules and regulations in our service delivery. We carefully document our client’s cases by following proper directions and always deliver what is expected. We take care of all insurance investigations such as Fraudulent Claims Investigations, Life Insurance Claims Investigation, Vehicle Crash Claims, Fatal Accident Investigations, Wrongful Death,Insurance Scams and others as well. Workers-Compimages-1

Slip and Fall Investigations

Office Worker Slip and Fall

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We successfully identify fraud, false claims, and verifiy the legitimacy of all claims We provide the best service to insurance companies when it comes to insurance investigations. Our approach to insurance investigation is conducted in a manner that will produce the evidence that will help to minimize our client’s expenses and exposure.

We mainly conduct our investigations using open inquiry, but if requested, we can conduct our investigations covertly with confidence, insuring absolute trust. We see every insurance investigation as important, and our investigators put all effort and commitment in bringing about the best result, which includes locating hard to find witnesses. In some cases where there is a language barrier, our translators use different language transcripts to compile the report before analyzing and translating it. We ensure that our reports are compiled with detailed statements that provide the most positive end results. We also take our client’s budget into consideration before we carry out our projects. We have all the skills and surveillance equipment that is needed to carry out insurance investigations successfully.

We have always given our best to the insurance industry by handling all insurance investigations discreetly, confidentially and delivering only optimum results to our clients. If you are not confident about a claim, we are ready to help you. Our mission is to provide our clients the best solutions by suggesting the most advantageous ways to prevent fake insurance claims and fraud. With our many years of experience and skills in providing these services, we make it difficult for bogus claimants to succeed.

If you want to have access to our Insurance Investigation services based on your need and desire, kindly get in touch with us now!


Chris Cavallo


CSI Secure Solutions


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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Slip and Fall Investigations



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