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Criminal Investigations

Child Custody and Child Support Investigations
June 19, 2014
Parent’s Acting Out in Child Custody Cases
July 22, 2014
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Like most Private Investigators the majority of cases that our Agency receives would be specified as General Investigations which usually falls under three categories when dealing with individuals and families: Missing Persons, Infidelity and Child Custody Investigations. But recently we have received several requests for Criminal Investigations such as Robbery, Theft and Fraud. Ordinarily these cases (Robbery-Theft) go through the normal process of Law Enforcement involvement and hopefully arrests are made, but rarely is there any type of recovery of assets or possessions.





What a PI/Criminal Investigator such as Cavallo Associates can do is follow up where the Police left off and continue to piece together the evidence of the case and hopefully either prove who the guilty parties are and allow the Police to re-engage and make the arrest. Often times because of the size of most Police Depts. outside the Metropolitan areas such as in South Florida, there just are not enough assets in place to deal with every case and follow up even when there is substantial evidence.  A PI/Criminal Investigator can also work with the local Crime Stoppers, which most Communities have in the US and put out a reward for information leading to arrests. There cannot be enough said about these Not for Profit organizations which are run by the citizens of the local community that they serve along with local Law Enforcement involvement. So if you do not get the results that you expect from your local Police Dept. please consider an agency such as Cavallo Investigations to assist you in solving the CRIME!!!



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