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Announcing Launching of Website and Two E-Books for Download

Missing Person Investigations
October 6, 2016
Social Security Verification to Detect Identity Theft and Identity Fraud
October 24, 2016
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Announcing Launching of Website and Two E-Books for Download


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Announcing Launching of Website and Two Ebooks for Download

Summary: The press release is to inform our esteemed customers that we have launched a new and updated website. Apart from this, our two E-Books that are about Infidelity and Child Custody Investigations can be downloaded from the new website.

Florida, USA 24th October 2916: CSI Secure Solutions today declared the launch of a new website. Key attributes of the site are that it is clean with more attractive  website design and Live Chat features . The users of this site are sure to gain fantastic experience with improved search plus navigation. Also, this website will have two E-books that can be downloaded directly from the site. The two E-books are:

  1. Infidelity Investigations
  2. Child Custody Investigations

The two  E-Books are available for free downloading from the site to consumers globally.

Chris Cavallo when asked about what he thinks in terms of infidelity investigations conducted by him stated this; “Each Infidelity Case that is brought to our firm is handled with the utmost care and respect to those that we serve. The majority of the time the spouse’s suspicions are correct and our agency either gets on film the actual “cheating spouse or partner “with their paramour either meeting in a parking lot after work, Bar, Restaurant, a secret meeting place or even away on a Business trip.” The E-Book tells a lot about how each infidelity case is traced and how they have solved the cases.

Chris Cavallo further stated with regard to child custody investigations as: “Child Custody cases are one of the most sensitive areas that CSI-Secure child custody Solutions works on a daily basis. Most cases involve one parent’s concern for the welfare, safety, and possible child endangerment issues. Our Team is usually requested to prove one parent’s negligence while in their custody which is usually proven by observation and written documentation supported by Video and Digital Film evidence.”



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