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CSI Secure Solutions is a subsidiary of Cavallo Associates, LLC a family-operated and owned business founded by Chris Cavallo, specializing in security, investigations and consulting services. Chris has operated/owned various companies in the South Florida market and Latin America for over 35 years with offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Bogotá, Colombia, as well as satellite operations, worldwide. In the areas of private investigation and security, CSI-Secure Solutions offers services such as: surveillance operations, civil/criminal investigations; missing person locates, welfare checking on friends and family members, digital forensics,network penetration testing, hidden assets discovery, executive protection with travel escorts and security consulting services for small, medium and large enterprises.

Our areas of expertise include the integration of various security systems focusing on internal and perimeter penetration testing, attorney services , criminal investigations featuring robbery, theft, and fraud, background checks, skip-tracing, missing persons, undercover operations, corporate investigations, process services and location services of hard-to-find individuals and witnesses.

Our team also has a deep understanding of international research and are considered experts in the field of various security measures such as biometric access control systems, CCTV installations, RFID solutions, GPS tracking of individuals (adolescents, children, elderly) or on any moving vehicle.

CSI-Secure Solutions has a worldwide investigative research network that reaches all continents, so there are very few places that we cannot access for information. Most of our investigators have experience in law enforcement or have individual specialties in the areas of services we provide.

CSI-Secure Solutions believes our integrity and reputation is not only based on over 35 years of experience, but also on our honest and total commitment to the individual needs of our customers.

Luis Carlos Diaz is the Managing Partner of Cavallo Associates, A in Latin America and has been partners with Chris Cavallo since 2002. Luis Carlos is a key executive and business development leader in the area of security technology solutions and energy.

Since 2009, Luis Carlos has focused his efforts on projects in the government and the commercial sector, broadening the base of business in the areas of large corporate entities, aviation, petrochemical, healthcare, banking and manufacturing. Luis Carlos’ in-depth background in Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Luis Carlos has been a business development manager, international sales manager, insurance CIO and has been a consultant for security investigations, telecommunications, energy and I.T. solutions for the last 10 years. Luis Carlos has always looked to transform those organizations willing to advance their business security platforms and infrastructure security, as technologies and market developments push forward with the times.

Luis Carlos is an expert in the analysis and understanding of global trends, especially in the security and energy sector. His deep knowledge of all aspects of the community and the business market in Latin America has led many Cavallo Associates customers to consult with the firm on a continuous basis.

CSI-Secure Solutions has created many security programs for clients in the regions of North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Luis is passionate about finding the right solutions in the areas of security, investigations and energy.

Social Commitment
Throughout their careers, Chris Cavallo and Luis Carlos have exhibited their commitment to the true love of their lives–community services work. Their attention has focused primarily on three areas: children with terminal illnesses, helping incarcerated women re-enter society, assisting the homeless and their families. (especially those who have been affected by the disease of addiction) For many years Chris Cavallo visited a maximum-security prison bringing a message of hope to those who were imprisoned and less fortunate.

Countless lives have been changed by the Not for Profit Foundations that Chris Cavallo and Luis Carlos support in the US and Latin America.